Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KONG17 Update, Wednesday

Phew! Sleep deprivation already, and we're not even half-way! DX-ing with this intensity is tough work.

The updates should speak for themselves so I need not make the same listing here. Yesterday was the best New Zealand day that far. Today topped that with a good margin. With 900 watt stations and both islands being heard, we now know that even for such an elusive target there really is no limit.

Conditions towards Asia are still quite good but after such an ordeal it is difficult to find motivation for DX-ing more common countries and stations. Preparing tonight's dinner: Reindeer cirloins with cloudberries and cream for dessert. We're hoping for at least another night and another morning with good NZ conditions before the effects of the Coronal Hole hit us.

Weather update: Dead calm today after a windy evening and night; very light drizzle and still around 6C.

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