Friday, October 19, 2007

KONG17 Update; CFPR Prince Rupert BC 860 Verification

A most welcome reception on October 16, followed by a most welcome verification today from CBC Prince Rupert 860! A very difficult station to hear, since during the night easterly located stations dominate, and later on CHAK Inuvik tends to put out a very strong signal towards us. Luckily though, after the CBC News at 1300 UTC I did hear both stations, and heard a clear Prince Rupert announcement when CHAK kept quiet for a while.

Friendly email from Chris Walker today confirmed my reception, making it my first KONG17 verification.

Otherwise, conditions have been very much on-off today, though mostly off due to the coronal hole. See the update for details.

Very strong winds today didn't prevent me and OJ from making a 7 km jog out to the Veines lighthouse. During the evening and the king crab meal it calmed to around 37 km/h and weather will improve further during the night although the temperature is around 0C.

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