Wednesday, October 20, 2021

KONG43 - Day Six

 First off, a few photos taken at noon today, showing the area around the KONG HQ:

View to the northwest

Balcony with FM antennas, looking southwest

South: neighbours, my bay, sun dog

More sun dog, frozen car

View to the east

And now, "what you've all been waiting for"...
Conditions were reasonably good even today, although our European friends had some concerns and complaints in this respect. A few highlights: WUMY-TN 830, WPAT-NJ 930, WDEO-MI 990,  WWNL-PA 1080, WHLD-NY 1270, WWYC-OH 1560, WISP-PA 1570, WWCD-OH 1580.

Dinner! For starters, the traditional Västerbotten pie, a Swedish course, with lumpfish roe. This was served with leftovers of Kim Crawford Sauvignoun Blanc. The main course was a moose sirloin, generously donated by Olav, LA6VFA, with sauce and a paste of root vegetables (basically the same as yesterday), fried brussel sprouts and the Norwegian traditional lingonberry jam. Served with another batch of Cornas Les Chailles. Dessert: Assorted cheeses, like Papillon Roquefort, Chevre, Gruyere and Morbier, Parmesan and Västerbotten cheese. And what's not to like with a 2006 Dow's Vintage Port?

Weather was quite nice today, cold (-6) but calm, and in the evening the temperature crossed the zero line again, briefly. The moon is up, and the shot below was taken at 19:00 local. I'm quite satisfied with this one. Amazing what mobile phone cameras can do these days. It was pitch black outside.


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