Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Wellbrook ALA1530LF Loop vs. The KongSDR Longwire Antenna

As a first-time loop buyer (!), I was curious to how the Wellbrook loop would compare to larger antennas. So, during Saturday, I set up a test scheme for LW, MW and SW. If you are as curious as me, you should click this link.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Bjarne for the fine and conclusive comparison/test.
I have noticed the same. But I still bring my 1530s+ when touring
with my RV - for chasing NDB’s. The amplification in the
powerinjector is a bit high imho. Putting it on the ground helps
a lot to reduce local interference.
I extensively use its sibling the FLG100LN2 for my
large Super KAZ-loops (100 sq meters). This is a very
useful and well performing active antenna for medium size gardens.
I too prefere long beverages, but haven’t yet found a way to
squeeeze one in into my reasonable sized garden, 1700 sq meters.
Good luck to you in the 17/18-season. 73 Göran

pjxii said...

Thank you for posting this test! I am considering this exact same Wellbrook loop for NDBs. I must admit that this is the first review that I've ever read anything which does not look favorable for the Wellbrook, and I've seen many reviews. Have you had a chance to do further testing, tried different set ups etc? I'm wondering if you received an improperly working unit. I hope you can provide an update. Thanks for your work on this test!

Bjarne Mjelde said...

no further tests done, though I may do that when the weather thaws up a bit. Antenna work in -10C is discouraging. Please remember that the 1530 is not a poor antenna, but size is always a compromise. In the antenna world, at least on the wavelengths I operate, bigger is almost always better. The 1530 would most likely be a lot quieter than, say an active antenna.