Friday, September 08, 2017

KONG 34 DX-Pedition - In Preparation For The Coming Season (Pt. 1)

As usual in early September, the KONG crew meet for an oval weekend to set up the gear for the coming winter. This includes to finish and secure the three usual beverages (50, 310 and 340 degrees), plus setting up another beverage at 80 degrees.

We're also on a noise finding mission, so equipped with a Wellbrook ALA-1530LF loop we will use the weekend to track down the noise source, or sources, which have pestered our low signal level MW reception.

With solar conditions like today we're not expecting to hear anything. We do have a nice selection of beers to test though, so we'll manage. We did get hold of what seemed to be the last stock in Norway of Death from Above (Garage Project), and got a nice taste of Tohki-Shu from Toccalmatto/Nøgne Ø

Thursday's dinner was fresh salmon loins from Lofoten, fried on one side then put in the oven to rest a bit, and carbonara. Chocolate pudding & custard for dessert. Nicely accompanied by a 2014 Donna Margherita. It was a left-over from last October.

Amazingly, almost no aurora has been visible so far. The picture was taken at 3:30 local, 75 minutes before sunrise. The twilights are long in the Arctic. The noise hunting mission starts at 7:30. More as it happens.

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