Sunday, September 10, 2017

KONG34 DX-pedition - In Preparation For The Coming Season (Pt. 4)

Yet another sunny, but at times quite windy day in Kongsfjord. Temperatures maxed out at 9 Celsius. Tomorrow is departure day for OJ Sagdahl, TJ Bråtveit and Ole Forr. And for me too, but not quite as early.

Today was used for checking recordings from the day before, when conditions to central and western parts of Australia and India, were good. We also did some antenna maintenance, but most of the time we just chilled out and had a few beers.

Today's dinner was a roast leg of lamb, with potato/carrot paste, sauce with onions & garlic, and fried broccoli. OJ picked a superb wine to go with a superb lamb, the 2013 Fontodi Chianti Classico.

We had some hopes for this evening's DX, but at 17:00 an X flare wiped out the Mediumwave, so no new loggings for us today.

The weather forecast says rainy and windy on Monday, so this picture from tonight at around 9 pm is possibly the last clear-sky picture from this DX-pediton.


Chuck said...

Good luck and I need to start thinking about menus for Newfoundland in November so we can try to equal you. Wish I was there!


Anonymous said...

Aloha from Hawaii. I wish I could DX with you!
Gary from Kailua