Friday, October 30, 2015

October 2015 Verifications

WSOY Decateur IL 1340
KTOX Needles CA 1340
KYLT Missoula MT 1340
KZTD Cabot AR 1350 (fb) tnx ABU
KOKB Blackwell OK 1580 tnx ABU
KAMI Cozad NE 1580
KLMR Lamar CO 920 tnx OJS
KDAV Lubbock TX 1590 tnx OJS
WMYF Portsmouth NH 1370
WGIL Galesburg IL 1400 (fb)
WLMR Chattanooga TN 1450 tnx OJS
KCKN Roswell NM 1020


Steve McDonald said...

Bjarne - could you comment on the method or source used to determine the accurate frequency offsets mentioned in your expedition reports? Perhaps they are generated by the Jaguar database?


Bjarne Mjelde said...

The frequency offsets, although far from 100 % reliable, are collected through the "Turtle" database incorporated in Jaguar. Turtle uses known and reported offsets to create an "RDS"-like station name display. Station offsets are usually stable; if a station is 3 Hz off, it will usually stay so until major overhauls or transmitter replacements. One example is CHRB High River AB 1140 which for many years was "way off" frequency, until this fall when it suddenly was spot on. I suspect a new transmitter.