Saturday, October 24, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Seven

The proton event triggered by the long-duration C flare early on the 22nd really had devastating impact on polar signal paths. Nothing at all heard from that direction on Friday!

So instead we listened to recordings, and enjoyed the clear and calm autumn air for a 6 km run to the lighthouse.

While we cope quite well on making our own dinners, once every expedition we have a "chef's day off" and eat at Kongsfjord Gjestehus. The menu was secret to us. It was also a secret (to some) that OJ's wife Lise and Arnstein's wife Heidi would be there when we arrived... So needless to say, it was a highly successful evening.

Heidi and Lise will be here until departure on Sunday morning.

Perfect weather with clear skies and almost dead calm, 2-3 Celsius. Towards the evening a bit cloudy and a little rain - but when writing this two hours before sunrise on  Saturday morning, it's another starry starry sky. Maybe the lack of aurora is a sign of better days. Predicted gale force winds today, so we'll see.

23-OCT 0550Z

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