Sunday, October 25, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Eight

No DX at all due to the effect of the proton event, unless we count in a brief appearence from CKDO-ON 1580 and CHIN-ON 1540.

Instead we had outdoor activities like running and walking to the lighthouse in increasing winds, and a trip to Berlevåg for a little sightseeing, photographing, shopping and to witness the effect of unpredictable fall winds on the exposed coastal road.

The last three-course dinner of KONG31 started off with Västerbotten pie with Kalix vendace roe, courtesy OJ. Our main course was reindeer sirloins and tenderloins with potato/carrot/celeriac paste. Superb fried mushrooms and special recipe sauce was created by Arnstein and Heidi. To round it off we had another one of OJ's specialities, a perfect Créme Brûlée.

Another mild October day for this latitude and season, but gale force winds throughout the day and following night. Quite clear in the morning, later partly cloudy and dry.

This will be the last KONG31 update as my guests will depart at 7 am local (0600Z) Sunday morning. Time to get back to work. However not without good news: Conditions are now much better!

Saturday's pic below just at sunrise:

24-OCT 0550Z

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