Friday, October 17, 2014

KONG24 - Day Seven

Final evening! OJ and TJ leave on Saturday morning, so we were hoping for some really hefty signals last night and today.  Not so....

Overnight monitoring of the MW band on the 310 beverage. Sun symbol illustrates local sunrise and sunset times. Sunset times for North American cities indicated to the right. Red line on the time scale illustrates the total strength of the stations in the band (10-kHz stations only)

Only the 04:00 UTC full hour provided any signals of interest, but on the other hand they weren't all that interesting after all. Stations noted were KGYN-OK 1210, KPOW-WY 1260, KGOE-CA 1480. Maybe more interesting stuff will materialise as we check the recordings.

OK weather, light to fresh breeze, mostly dry and +1C.  

Dinner-wise we always save the best meal to the last day, so today was reindeer tenderloin day. The meat was accompanied with fried mushrooms, potato paste and woked carrots, scallions and shallots. With these excellent ingredients, we opted for an exquisite Italian red, the 2007 Gattinara. For dessert we enjoyed dark chocolate pudding with vanilla custard. An eternal favourite. The picture of the day honours the main course:

I will leave Kongsfjord for Vadso later on Saturday or early Sunday, so this is the last KONG24 blog post, unless exceptional conditions appear tonight. Thanks to all who had the patience and interest to follow us in our Arctic Endevour!


Giuseppe Morlè iz0gzw said...

Complimenti a voi tutti per i vostri ottimi risultati a quelle latitudini...come vorrei esserci anche io...
io mi limito,ogni tanto, a ricevere qualche SA e NA ma molto difficile con antenne loop avere i vostri risultati.
Auguri e '73 a tutti voi.
Giuseppe Morlè in Ponza island, center Italy,Tyrrean sea.

Anonymous said...

"Potato paste"?? Gourmet Bjarne is eating something that sounds like astronaut food or field rations for soldiers. Add water and stir?

All the rest is great, however. You beat our burgers at Grayland.


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