Saturday, October 12, 2013

KONG23 - Day Two

This morning's propagation report wasn't very optimistic, and the Jaguar overnight waterfall below illustrates quite well that the signal levels were low and mostly of little interest. There was a short blast however at 07:00 to 09:00 with decent signals from some Coloradio stations and neighbouring states. New in the log is KRDZ Wray CO 1440. KIIX Ft. Collins CO 1410 is not new but not very often heard, however they had a very nice signal today.

China was surprisingly weak this afternoon, allowing a nice opening to Japan at 13:00, and decent signals even at 13:20 when the NHK-2 stations had their local ID break. JOLR KNB Toyama 738 had a massive signal, and JOEF YBC Yamagata 918 dwarfed Archangelsk completely. A possible NHK-2 local ID was noted on 1035 which is mostly inaccessible due to Chinese interference. KTWG Agana Guam 801 and KUAM "Isla 63" 630 were noted with strong signals a while.

Later in the evening TJ found a signal on 1130, and at 15:53 we noted a KPHI Honolulu HI identification with fair signal levels. Other Hawaiians were audible too, but signal levels weren't very impressive. Nothing of interest from DU.

This evening was King Crab day. For starters, we chose bruschetta with parma ham, baked dulcita tomatoes, parmesan cheese and fresh basil. The main course was of course king crab the usual way, baked on a salt bed, and served with pasta carbonara. The wine of choice this year was a 2009 Chablis Premier Cru. We rounded off the meal with burned figs with Gorgonzola cheese and cloudberries on top. A Madeira would go nicely along with this, and we decided that a 1982 Madeira Barbeito would do well. Especially since it was the only one we had.

Optimistic as ever, we're looking forward to the coming night.

Weatherwise: Rain showers, calm to fresh breeze during the day, and 3-4 Celsius. The weather bureau warns us about stormy conditions overnight, with sleet and snow. If the weather turns bad enough I'll post a photo tomorrow.

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Chuck said...

Sounds like the kitchen is more interesting than the ionosphere.

It also sounds like you have a clear advantage over the west coast USA DXpeditions. I have plans for a clams in linguine sauce next week at Grayland but even that will leave you way in front.

I hope the sun is a little less active for you now.