Monday, October 14, 2013

KONG23 Day Four (Morning)

The planned KONG23 Day Three (Evening) post never made it. Too much dinner-related fatigue.

Conditions towards Asia and Pacific yesterday was uninspiring to say the least. We did do an antenna check yesterday though, and the previous night's storm hadn't done any damage. The wind had calmed to fresh breeze at the time.
Ocean swells hammering on the "Hattholmen", Hat Island

The white stick to the left is one of the 340 beverage supports

Even if conditions let us down, meals never do. Sunday's three-course dinner started with a duck liver paté on crispy sourdough bread. From that rather heavy intro we went on to woked salmon before ending up with assorted cheeses.

Solar activity has been very low the past 24 hours or so, but it doesn't reflect on conditions. Stations are heard, but overnight European interference was heavy, and the signal levels this morning are low.

Weather is gradually cooling off and we're just on the plus side of the scale now. Calm winds, occasional sleet. We may expect more gale force winds tomorrow with snow and temperatures below 0 Celsius.

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