Tuesday, October 15, 2013

KONG23 - Day Five

Ooops...it's been a while.

The sun's not been nice to us. It's teasing us with letting signals through now and then, but it shuts the door too often. Nothing interesting from Asia yesterday, and nothing interesting from Asia today. On Monday however (TJ discovered when playing back his Winradio recordings), there was a nice opening at 20:00 towards Asia, when the NHK-1 stations had their local ID procedure.

Last night was mostly quiet, but a few short but interesting openings brought stations like KOLY Mobridge SD 1300, KWYN Wynne AR 1400, KYLS Fredericktown MO 1450 and  WROX Clarksdale MS 1450. Recordings are still being examined.

Yesterday was beef day, with a Uruguayan tenderloin carefully and respectfully prepared by Arnstein after a salmon sashimi starter. Today was OJ's turn and he impressed us as usual with cauliflower soup for starter, followed by rack of lamb with vegetables. We have to wait a bit for the cheese, since there's a limit to how much we can eat. For details (especially about the wines): See the Kongsfjord page.

Winter's been waiting a couple of days to unleash its white power on us, and today we got an early warning of what's to come.

Our neighbours - barely visible

Sadly, winter seems to have joined forces with the sun, so there are near-storm levels everywhere.

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