Saturday, October 23, 2010

WGBW 1590 DX Test Summary

From OJ:

Summary from the WGBW test:

"The test was heard in the US and Canada. Longest distance 960 miles away.

Some of the audio files were spectacular, considering 700 miles away and an indoor ferrite antenna...

One fellow, did 43 minutes of monitoring, and got it solid for entire time from 460 miles away...

Most of the receptions were from Midwest and some Western states, a few from east coast (Wash DC area, West Virginia, Ohio)

One report was from 25 miles from WAKR in Akron, 1590, which really was outstanding. he simply nulled the station, and we were there!"

Thank you to Mark Heller at WGBW!

73 de OJ

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