Friday, October 15, 2010

KONG20 - First Day

The KONG crew will land at 12:57 and will face +2 Celsius, 15-20 m/s (35-45 mph) northerly winds, rain and sleet showers. Luckily no antenna work seems to be necessary in the poor weather, as a steady stream of nice Pacific and North American stations have been logged via remote the last few weeks. Some highlights: 882 Southern Star, NZ;  567 RNZ; 909 Radio Live, NZ; 1224 AFN Kwajalein; 1240 XERO; 1230 KWIX; 1260 WSKO, KWEI. Let's hope the sun stays quiet the coming days.

More as it happens! Off to collect some king crab...

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Anonymous said...

404 Terminated Loop Arrays.pdf

Happy hunting !

73 , PE1R