Friday, October 01, 2010

The Kongsfjord Antennas

Some may want to know which antennas are in use in Kongsfjord. The short version: Three beverages of various lengths, and one QDFA.

The longer version is that the 310 (225 meters) and 340 (330 meters) beverages (the latter won't be up until next weekend) are the two "North America" beverages. The 310 also pulls in signals from northern South America and Central America while the 340 is quite effective for Alaska and Hawaii as well. The 50 (500 meters) will pick up far east Asians and western Pacific.

The QDFA with its broad front lobe will pick up any of the above except South America, albeit with less gain, but it has a better f/b ratio than the others so it can hear stations the other antennas can't due to European interference.

The QDFA, 310 and 50 all have 100 ohm, "lamp cord" feed lines while the 340 is fed by an RG-213 coax.

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