Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My KONG17 Loggings - First Preliminary

After having checked perhaps 95% of my "normal" receivers recordings, and perhaps 1.5% of my SDR-IQ recordings, I guess time has come to put up a list. Station names in bold denote a new logging for me. The Date format is dd.mm.yyyy. Times are UTC. Lots of NZ loggings still missing, but they are mostly on the SDR-IQs. In coming preliminaries, additions to the log will be marked as "New" in the rightmost column. Click here to read my first preliminary log. Many, if not most of the most usual stations are not included. Such as CKYL-610, CJCA-930, KOMO-1000 etc. etc. Also goes for the most common Japanese, like JOLF-1242, JOWF-1440 etc.

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