Saturday, November 03, 2007

KLCK Goldendale WA 1400 Verification

I heard KLCK with Oldies format on October 24, with quite a good signal at 1200 when KART Jerome ID was starting to get weaker. A first for me, although KLCK is among the more frequently heard northwestern stations on 1400.
Long and friendly email from Kevin Malcolm yesterday rating my recording as "clearer than most". Kevin is a DX-er himself. A few hours later I also received a confirmation from his brother Cole.

Finally a touch of winter here the past couple of days. -1C this Saturday morning, expected down to -4 today and tomorrow but no percipitation or strong winds. Going to Kongsfjord for the remainder of the weekend. Icy roads... We had gale force winds from the north yesterday and the sea was exceptionally rough!

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