Thursday, November 29, 2007

KITZ Silverdale WA 1400 Verification

I heard KITZ in October 2005 at fairly good strength doing a dual-station full-hour ID (KITZ and 920 KGTK). A friendly and detailed email from GM Conn Williamson last night confirmed my reception and I even got an MP3 audio clip in return for the one I sent...but in much better quality!

KITZ transmits from Kitsap County Fairgrounds, adjacent to the new Baseball Stadium, and has done so since 1986. After running AdCon and Modern Country the first years, KITZ shifted to talk programming in 2000. This according to their website

KITZ is my 50th Washington state verie, and my 20th verie on 1400.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic catch Bjarne! I live about 10 miles from this station and have difficulty receiving it anytime of the day :).

Jim Kenny
Bainbridge Island, WA