Saturday, October 21, 2023

KONG47 - Day One

We arrived safe! The last 70-80 km or so were challenging at places with sleet on the road, especially covering the outer edges - exactly where one needs to put the right-hand wheels when meeting other traffic. Easy to lose control if not careful - and it was a close call a couple of times for both cars. I was here around 11:00Z, OJ and Ole a couple of hours later.

Anyway, we settled in with locally-produced fried fish balls, a couple of Supersonic from Lervig, and a very nice Belgian Golden Strong Ale made in Gudbrandsdalen near Ole's home QTH, Solgløtt from Leifur Brygg. 

Dinner: As usual on day one, Bjarne's home made fish gratin, served with the only hint of NZL we had today, a Kim Crawford white wine. For dessert chocolate pudding with custard, and a little Amaretto.

Weather: The temperature maxed out at around 6 Celsius. Very windy as reported earlier, and occasional light (but horisontal!) showers. Doing work on Mount Loran was out of the question, the weather forecast for Saturday says a little less windy so hopefully we can get the remote site going then.

Forgot to take pictures, so this Jaguar Spectra snip from 1548 kHz will have to do. 4QD Emerald to the right, too busy with live coverage of the Rugby World Cup match between Australia and Pakistan to do any TOH ID's or Majestic Fanfare (Australia won). Visible at 16:30Z is the sign-on by super-powered Radio Farda in Kuwait. Not the best conditions otherwise with auroral influence. Lots of stations from Iran and Thailand.

Stay tuned for more fish on Saturday!

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Paul Steckler said...

Have you considered opening a restaurant up there?

Perhaps the dishes could be named after your favorite DX catches.