Saturday, October 21, 2023

KONG47 - Day Two

Uninspiring from North America. We noted KZDG-CA 1550 as early as 01:00Z which is half an hour before San Francisco sunset. But it's a dominant anyway. At the same TOH we also noted KAMI Cozad NE 1580 which isn't often heard. Not very much of interest from Asia either. A few stations noted at the NHK-2 signoff at 14:55Z. 1602 kHz was a jumble, but 1-kW JOTC Aomori on 1521 did stand out.

After a very blustery and rainy morning, the wind and rain finally allowed us to go to Mount Loran and erect the 800-metre (was 1000-metres) beverage. Unfortunately the feedline was damaged by animal bites so we need to go back on Sunday and replace or repair the feedline. Still on the red side on the thermometer, but a little cooler, 3-4 Celsius.

Ocean swells hammering the Kjølnes Lighthouse (view from Mount Loran)

During the afternoon the weather got rather nice with much less wind, which was a welcome change.

Dinner: Tapas for starters. Main course was baked salmon rich belly loin with bacon bits, spring onions and pasta with pesto and garlic. Accompanied by Calle's Riesling (yes, it's white). For dessert: Selected cheeses, including Roquefort Papillon, with Chateau Liot Sauternes, 2016, and a bit of Grappa. And Aquavite. And Amaretto.

Salmon: Before baking

Salmon: After baking

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