Wednesday, August 29, 2018

QSL: 5CC Port Lincoln, SA 765

Due to my northerly location, there isn't much real DX to hear until the last days of August. But a few Aussies have been heard already, and yesterday on August 28 I was chasing one that my DX buddies at Kongsfjord had nailed already. 5CC was mostly under the interference on 765 kHz, but surfaced now and then with fair levels. During one of those fade-ups, I got a nice ID liner, and I sent a report literally minutes later.

Just in time for my morning coffee, a kind response from the station was in my inbox, the first QSL this season. It was heard on the 580-metre, 80-degrees beverage antenna.

The station is 5 kW, 14,189 km away, and located here:

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