Friday, August 10, 2018

HDSDR Version 2.80 Public Beta

When July ends, our Arctic nights are not sunlit anymore. A sign that it's time to think about the coming MW DX season. For those who want updated SDR software, it may be worth noting that HDSDR has now come in public beta. As per now, beta no. 9 is available on their website

I have followed the work on version 2.80 with suggestions and alfa- and beta testing, and version 2.80 is indeed an improvement over the latest release version 2.76a. Both visually (see below) and with regards to functions.  I have written a combined changelog (though not guaranteed to cover every change that was made) and a review of the changes.

Version 2.80 (left), vs. 2.76a - Graphical User Interface


Anonymous said...

Have to say a big thanks for those changes Bjarne. This is the 1st time l have enjoyed using HDSDR,and it could see me totally leave Winradio OS.
The only wish, would be the ability to change the waterfall and Sprectrum sizes. On a quick side question,would you know why I can only record up to 1mhz instead of 2Mhz that my G31DDC that my unit should? Perhaps this is the limitation within HDSDR
Thanks Again

Anonymous said...

Great improvements! Tnx for the pointer!
73 Johan L Sweden