Saturday, September 07, 2013

Arctic DX Summit - Early Asian Opening

From an otherwise completely empy MW band, stations from Hokkaido, Japan were audible before 13:00 UTC. 1602 (NHK2), 1593 (NHK2), 1557 (HBC), 1449 (HBC), 1440 (STV) and 1287 (HBC) were noted at the full hour. Distance from us to the sunset line was 2200 km at the time.

UPDATE at 14:00 UTC: Nice signal levels above around 1250 kHz, all the common Japan stations audible. Even heard 4QD Emerald Qld-1548 with a weak signal, very early for DU at early September. Below 1200-1250 kHz signal levels are low. No AUS carriers on X-band.

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