Saturday, September 07, 2013

Arctic DX Summit - Day Two

Despite excellent solar conditions, last night's DX was a total disaster. Weak audio only on very few frequencies.

Nowhere even close to disaster was OJ's superb dinner yesterday evening: Pesto-baked chicken with mushroom picked by Arnstein along the 310 beverage path. Chocolate pudding with vanilla custard and port wine rounded it off nicely.

Today is stay-indoor-and-see-how-the-antennas-cope day since the wind is gale force and the rain showers are rather intense. The odd bottle of beer keeps us happy.


Tim Bucknall said...

mmm, thats how you do a dx-pedition!

Chuck said...

OK, you may have taken the lead in the 2013 DX cuisine contest. However, in early October we will challenge you with a clam in linguine sauce and Riesling from Grayland, with either tiramisu or lemon cheesecake. The clams will have spent the previous night sleeping in the Grayland beach.

Your turn soon, Mr. Mjelde.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photos of the rainbow, and your location in arctic Norway.

Chris in Seattle, WA, USA.