Thursday, January 03, 2013

LKE/LLE 1314 kHz Test Transmissions

The past few weeks, Bergen Kringkaster/LA1ASK together with veteran MW DX-er Svenn Martinsen have challenged European DX-ers with test transmissions from the former NRK Bergen site. LKB, operating on 890 kHz, closed operations in 1978 together with many other low- and medium power NRK transmitters, among them LLE (ex-LLU) 1466 kHz from Odda.

The test transmissons were conducted on the former Kvitsøy frequency 1314 kHz, with powers around 100-200 watts. Since I am 1572 km away from transmitter site I thought this could be a real challenge, and basically it was, but on December 27 at 0730 UTC I was able to pick up morse code IDs at good levels. Spain's Radio Nacional dominated the frequency, but morse code always wins...

At the time of listening, they were running at 120 watts from this WE 451A-1 transmitter.
The antenna was a modest 15 meters high Comrod/Tjøstheim vertical:
On the receiving end was an Afedri SDR-net receiver, connected to a 500 meter beverage directed at 50 degrees. Bergen is located at the center of the back lobe of the beverage.

I happened to be the most distant listener (so far), but they appeared to get out well in both Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Thanks to the LA1ASK crew for their time and effort!


Anonymous said...

your Bergen Kringkaster images point to your private Google mail account which the public audience cannot see.


Bjarne Mjelde said...

Pictures now updated. Thanks Henry.