Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Software Challenge For The G33DDC

Software bundled with SDRs suffer from the need to satisfy customers with a wide variety of preferences. Special functions or needs are not catered for however, and will usually be subject to third-party developers. DX-ers with special requirements will either have to know how to develop these solutions themselves, or have to rely on developers who understand what they’re after.

The Perseus SDR soon had quite a variety of third-party applications, albeit of varying quality, serving special needs. Some are shareware/freeware, some are restricted («teamware»). There has been very little development going on for the G33DDC.  One reason is probably that (at least in Europe) the Perseus is used by a lot more MW DX-ers, so the focus has been on that radio.

Typical for bundled SDR software is the lack of focus on recording and playback of ddc files. The G33DDC software fares a lot better than Perseus with regards to live and scheduled recording. The playback function however fails to recognize 1) the DX potential of extended recording sessions, and 2) how extremely time consuming playback of many ddc recordings is.

My objective is to find out if it is possible to make a basic ddc playback application where ddc files can be checked at a much higher rate than the G33DDC software allows. This is indeed possible, I am using this approach today. I’d like to know if anyone here share the same objective, and have the necessary programming skills to cooperate with me. I am very much aware of what this application should do.

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