Sunday, September 11, 2011

ADXS2 Final Day - And All Antennas Are Up

On Sunday, the 10 participants of ADXS2 had brunch with rye bread, foccacia and king crab leftovers. We soon entered an engaged discussion about the virtues of Bentonite! The Finnish delegation will leave after noon to catch the Finnair flight from Ivalo to Helsinki. I will leave for Vadsø a few hours later, while OJ Sagdahl and TJ Bråtveit will hold the fort until their departure on Monday.

The Saturday was used for erecting and preparing the QDFA antenna. The creator of the QDFA phaser, Dallas Lankford, has made a few modifications mainly to keep its transistors safe during weather-induced static. For a pre-sesason test, we were delighted that NRK Svalbard had a very good signal on 1485.

To show the Finns the virtue of the QDFA, we arranged a comparison between the QDFA and the 310-degree beverage (pointing towards Svalbard). Interestingly but not very surprisingly, the Svalbard station was the strongest in the band on the QDFA, and European stations were attenuated by 15 dB or more compared to the 310 beverage, while Svalbard was only a couple of dB weaker on the QDFA than on the 310. So the net effect of the QDFA vs. the 310 beverage is 10-15 dB front to back attenuation.

With four well-working antennas up, we are now ready to log new stations.

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