Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 2nd Arctic DX Summit, Sept 9-11 2011

Been a bit too busy to inform about this event, however here is a brief update.

From September 9 to 11 seven Finnish and three Norwegian DX-ers have met at Kongsfjord, Arctic Norway. The ADXS is a social much more than a DX-ing event, so the focus is on radio equipment, good food, good conversations, beverages (the long copper variant), beverages (the wet variant) and outdoor activities in exceptionally mild and calm weather. Below a photo of our Finnish guests. More as it happens.
From left: Antti Altonen, Mika Mäkeläinen, Hannu Tikkanen, Håkan Sundman, Jan-Erik Österholm, Hannu Niilekselä, Roland Sandberg.

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Anonymous said...

Best 73s!
And when more than 5 Nordic DXers meet the sun sends greetings as well! K 6-7 ? Aurora?
73 TK