Saturday, August 20, 2011

Antenna Preparations

The 50-degrees Pacific beverage was set up last weekend, and erected to an average of 1.2 meters today. I also set up the 310 east North America beverage, but decided to keep the lamp cord feedline for now since the thought of rolling out 175 meters of thick and heavy Twinax was discouraging.

When I connected the 310 there was practically no signal at all. The observant reader will have guessed that the feed line was at fault. I didn't at first, so I spent a few hours in total confusion. This year rodents are exceptionally plentiful, and it appears that the seasick-green lamp cord was mistaken for food by the voles who thrive around the house. So I decided to roll out the Twinax anyway. The endless hours at the gym finally paid off. And the 310 is now in excellent shape, except I have to elevate it from the ground.

I think this calls for a Heineken on the balcony. Still a bit early in the season for any real DX.

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