Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23 Update

The minor disturbance seen on the 21 apparently stirred up the ionosphere enough to allow good conditions the day after. Very good signals especially from Colorado and Nebraska on Sept 22. A brief check of two of the TOH recorded (0200 and 0300Z) revealed KKAR Omaha NE 1290, KFKA Greely CO 1310, KOOQ North Platte NE 1410 (new log), KGRE Greely CO 1450 (with a monstrous signal for a GY station!) and KCFC Boulder CO 1490 (new log). Most interesting stations were found above 1100 kHz.

The QDFA is still performing well. With two Perseus' running, one with the QDFA and the other with the 310 beverage, I could compare the two antennas at 0300Z, 42 minutes before sunrise. Even at this transition period, the QDFA was noticeably quieter than the beverage.

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