Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Chinese NDB Heard In Europe (Edit: Norway)?

Maybe not. I don't have the statistics. But NDB Database expert Michael Oexner was very enthusiastic when I asked him what station on 439 kHz ID'ed "WD". His reply:

WD-439.0 Zhonghao/Taiyuan/Wusu CHN N37 39 30 E112 46 54

Heard today with my Perseus connected to a 58-degree beverage at 1800 UTC. The distance should be roughly 6,500 km. Extremely weak, of course. Thanks for your info, Michael!


Kari + Johanna said...

Hi Bjarne

Chinese NDB's were heard many times last winter here in southern Finland.

kari oh5yw

Kari + Johanna said...


here stations:

338 HKG Hong Kong CHN 352 OY Urumqi / Diwopu / Fukang CHN
398 RM Urumqi /Diwopu CHN

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thank you Kari, I stand corrected. I was too aroused I suppose...

MO said...

Hi Bjarne,

Far East NDB reception was pioneered by Vesa Hienonen in Finland last winter. He logged HKG-338 Hong Kong, OY-352 and RM-398 Urumqi and from Indonesia OJ-375.0 Hasanuddin - all European firsts at that time if I'm not mistaken.

Last season saw also European DXers logging 4 NDBs from Pakistan for the first time: PS-308 Peshawar, QT-348 Quetta, MT-387 Multan and KE-410 Chor.

Let's hope for another rewarding season :-)

vy 73 + gd DX


sm6pxj said...

SM6BHZ's beacon on 504 kHz has been heard in China recently. Last time Sept 12 between 20.24-20.46 UTC.
I think he is using WSPR-mode.
73/Christer SM6PXJ