Monday, February 04, 2008

CKRW Whitehorse YT 610 Verification

Finally got an ID! I've been hunting CKRW all autumn, and sometimes heard it with good signals, but never during an ID. CKYL never allowed it enough space. On January 12 though, I had set my new Perseus SDR to record via remote control, and finally on the full hour I got a partial ID. I didn't hear the call, but did hear "...and 98.7 in communities" which is part of their ID and which can be heard on their web stream as well. A long and detailed response came tonight by email. Thanks Arnstein Bue for contact info.

Conditions that morning favoured the Washington state to Alaska region with CBC Whitehorse 570 the strongest I've ever heard them, and Alberta stations surprisingly weak for a change.

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