Friday, February 22, 2008

100 Watts Over 6,000 km

Early on October 15, conditions towards the northern part of Japan were excellent, giving AFN Misawa 1575 with a good signal, and also low-powered HBC Sapporo relays on 1494 and 1557. Here is another low-powered relay, that of NHK-1 station JOPG in Kushiro, Hokkaido. The main station is on 585; the Nemuro relay is on 1584. You wouldn't expect 100 watts to sound this good. There is another NHK-1 station which a friend of mine in Japan is trying to ID for me. Cool catch! Some might want to rename this blog to Heard with an RF Space SDR-IQ; the audio file is recorded in 64 kbps quality with Total Recorder.

Internet Explorer users may not find this as easy to access as Firefox users. I don't know why.

JOPG-NHK1 1584.mp3


Anonymous said...

Yes, cool catch! Can you write out what´s he is saying? :-)

Gert Nilsson said...

Nice catch Bjarne. I use IE7 and had to use the link from the filename to play this file with JOPG NHK1 ...Hoso identification!

Bjarne Mjelde said...

He says "JOPG NHK Kushiro Dai Ichi Hoso Desu" which is the standard NHK-1 local ID. A standard NHK-2 local ID would be (in case of Kushiro) "JOPC NHK Kushiro Dai Ni Hoso Desu", Japanese "One" is "Ichi"; "Two" is "Ni".

castlepeak said...

Nice DX!
I live in Sapporo-city, Hokkaido, Japan.
I listened your sound file. It's correct in the Nemuro relay station.
It is possible to receive it more excellently than it receives it in my shack.

The Hokkaido area of NHK-2 doesn't local ID announce the name
of location(ex-Sapporo,Kushiro…) and callsign.
There are called "NHK dai ni Hoso Desu"