Sunday, February 04, 2007

Icom Heaven (Plus One)

I worked hard to find a subject line...I know it isn't good. I wonder which Google searches will end up here now. Anyway, I took this picture today of my radios. Which isn't quite true because the NRD-525 and R-390A aren't in it.

On the top: The Eton E1. A great surprise both with sensitivity and audio quality, although it lacks some tools for getting rid of noise and hets. And a cold radio in a cold room is 180 Hz off!
Bottom, from left: The IC-703. Excellent radio but the stock AM filter is a disaster. Replace that, and you have a super SW receiver. Remove the MW attenuation, and you have a super receiver... The keypad belongs to the IC-703.
Next: Two IC-746Pro's. Outstanding performers, but MW sensitivity was crippled. That resolved, they are hard to beat. A small downside that the three AM bandwidths are fixed and not continously variable. A very, very small downside.
Far right: IC-7000. Actually it doesn't need modification; it is excellent from stock. In fact, in some cases it fights interference even better than the IC-746Pro. Audio and line-out is fed via the Elliptic Lowpass Audio Filter (ELPAF) which stands on the rightmost 746Pro.
Center, front: A 1:5 audio distributor I found on Ebay. It was very cheap, and after a few months of use, I am beginning to understand why. Wear & Tear.
Recorders: To the far left; front is a red iRiver T30 (1GB) being fed from the E1. Behind it is an iRiver H-120 HDD recorder. In front of the leftmost 746Pro is an iRiver iFP-899 (1GB) and in front of the other 746Pro is another H-120. The IC-7000 feeds an iRiver iFP-795 (512MB). I also have an iRiver H320 HDD recorder connected to the NRD-525 and an iFP-895 connected to the R-390A. And a second H320 is underway from an ebay seller...
I got the clock for free from a mail-order firm. Its accuracy reflects its value and it is hopelessly difficult to correct.

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