Sunday, September 17, 2006

This Weekend's DX

Very quiet conditions on the sun this weekend, at least until Sunday morning when the high speed stream from coronal hole CH239 killed the opening. I chose not to focus much on Asia this weekend since I had antenna and feedline repair works and needed to do them while it was light. Only modest signals from Australia on x-band so probably nothing spectacular.

Few if any signals from Central and South America, the focus was on USA and Canada. Not very interesting during the night when Europeans were too strong, but the opened up a bit as daylight came. Conditions primarily eastern, few stations west of the lakes were heard. The north-east had the best signals, especially NY, QU and ON. Highlights (at least from my perspective) were CFFX-ON 960, CINF-QU 690, WSAU-WI 550, KDHL-MN 920 and especially CHLT-QU 630. Only a small fraction of the recordings have been checked though so there may be more. Five receivers were in use during the weekend; IC-703, IC-7000, 2xIC-746Pro and E1. I am doing coordination training for the upcoming KONG DX-peditions...

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