Thursday, September 14, 2006

Conditions, Eton E1 And A Couple QSLs

Conditions towards DU was bordering on excellent Wednesday evening when in-band east-coast Australians were heard with surprising strength. 4QD Emerald-1558 the best I've ever heard them, and 2BL Sydney-702 well readable at times. Excellent strength towards Japan and Korea for more than an hour. The Papuan NDB's on x-band were relogged. The night brought good signals from North America, mostly inland with dominants from Iowa; later a spot opening brought enhanced signals from Minnesota.

The Eton E1 had its first night in real interference. It did in fact fare well! I tested both the AMSD-Selectable Sideband and ECSS techniques to fight off interference, and I am preparing a post on just that. Audio quality and recovery is very good and very pleasant and I was surprised to hear the spacious audio in SSB mode. Most receivers produce very "flat" SSB audio. AM audio quality: The AMSD reduces distortion in rapidly fading signals, in all three settings. Otherwise there is no significant difference between AM and AMSD audio quality unless you need selectable sidebands to eliminate interference.

Two QSLs the past days: KCJJ Iowa City IA 1630 and CKDO Oshawa ON 1580, both by email.

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