Monday, July 08, 2024

Perseus22 - Skins

Which program was the first to use "skins"? Winamp? People have different preferences with regards to how they want their software to display on the monitor. Perseus22 offers three variations; User, Army and Hewlett. In addition, the "User" skin is configurable beyond belief - so instead of "skins" maybe Perseus22 should have offered a suite of "Styles". The current default skin looks good, but suffers from small fonts and unsatisfactory contrast. Especially as age has taken its toll on vision. And admit it: Which 20-year old will buy a Perseus22?

Anyway, below are the three skins currently (July 2024) available in Perseus22:

Default "User"



If of interest, the three images were made when I had two antennas connected to the HF ports, one (left) sampling the 19-metre band and the other sampling the 31-metre band.


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