Thursday, December 31, 2020

Zen And The Art of Antenna Maintenance

It's a while since I read the original book with a slightly different title (1978 perhaps?), but the title struck me as relevant when I was heading out in the nautical twilight to inspect some of our beverages. Very little wind, -4 Celsius and almost no snow - evidence of this extremely mild last quarter of the year. Not often does the weather permit working with bare hands.

Anyway! A few photos from my inspection follow below. A Happy New Year to everyone.

My house, the KONG HQ, in the foreground.

Turning the camera a bit to the NNW where the 310 beverage ends.

310 beverage starting point.

Inside the box, antenna, ground, transformer and feedline all ok.

310 beverage end point.

50 beverage starting point (just 15 meters from the 310 end)

Community and my travel powered by nearby renewable energy


Martin Hall said...

Hi Bjarne,
I always enjoy reading your Arctic Blogspot and looking at the stunning photos. All very interesting and stimulating.
Very best wishes for 2021, and looking forward to reading many more of your posts.
73, Martin - Clashmore, Scotland

Damien Read said...

Happy New Year Bjarne
Many thanks for such great Blogs in 2020
They always brighten my day