Tuesday, January 07, 2020

QSL: CFBV Smithers BC 870 - The Moose

Friday the 13th was my lucky radio day, when 1000-watt CFBV had a stable, although weak, signal for a few hours. A decent "The Moose" liner was heard and recorded. The same morning, CFLD Burns Lake 760 was heard with the same programming, though a bit more noised-down.

A friendly response with the request to test my online SDRs came today.

CFLD and CFBV is kind of a special couple for me, and the reason I sent off a report. In 1985, I heard CFLD, then on 1400. As today, they were running together with CFBV, then on 1230, as "BV-LD Radio". I got a QSL from CFLD at the time. So, with today's response I have them both. Thanks Ole Forr for v/s info.

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