Wednesday, November 27, 2019

QSL: KGMI Bellingham WA 790

KGMI is a station I wanted to catch, literally for decades. In mid-November, for once the dominant KCAM-AK was weak, and KGMI had a fair signal along with stronger KGHL-MT. Friendly email response last night.
The reception was just after KJRB Spokane's new very low night power (30 watts) had come into effect. This surely helped too, since KJRB used to be quite dominant during conditions like this.


Steve McDonald said...

Do you see many or any stations still responding with a traditional QSL Bjarne?
KGMI is one of my local pests so pleased to hear of your catch.

Steve VE7SL

Bjarne Mjelde said...

QSL cards in paper format in the mail are rare among AM (MW) stations. They do exist, though. A few stations use a "card" or "letter" in pdf format which is emailed. Search for KTIC on this blog for an example.

Steve McDonald said...

Thanks Bjarne and continued good hunting.