Friday, September 27, 2019

Recording and Playing Back MW IQ Files: A Software Comparison

Recording and playing back IQ files is a vital part of the MW DX-er's hobby. With lots of SDR software available, how do we do it? What are the pros and cons? In this article, I have tried to make a (relatively) unbiased comparison between the most popular programs today. If anyone do not agree, that is fair enough, mileage and preferences vary.


GhoseCoy said...

I cannot find the article! Then, I am an old man.

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Did you not click on the "this article" hyperlink?

Zach Liang said...

it works perfect

ANgazu said...

A very interesting article. Only one nuance: HDSDR can play back the RF file and record the audio with its internal recorder in any mode.
It also has an option, I guess undocumented, to use bandwidths other than standard.

Best regards.