Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Perseus SDR: A Little Yuletime Trivia

A power outage resulted in an indoor temperature drop to -5 Celsius at my Kongsfjord location. When I got power back on, the Perseus (several of them) restarted at around 10:25 UTC. I got some heat in the room, then left around 11:00 for some errands. 

I returned at around 12:00, and continued to heat up the room. At around 14:30 the temperature is 20 Celsius. The Perseus "moved" a bit more than 6 Hz at that time and temp span.

I think that's quite a decent result. And the Perseus does run at sub-zero temperatures! Outdoor is -10 C and gale force winds.

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GuidoS said...

After all those years still nothing better than Perseus, especially in combination with Jaguar software !