Sunday, September 09, 2018

KONG36 - Day Four

Last day! Unfortunately, Ole had to leave us this morning. He'll be back in October! Today we prepared the unattended Perseus facility at Mount Loran, which will hopefully run continously, save weekly battery replacements, until October 18.

Nothing really spectacular to hear, but great signal strengths both in Kongsfjord and Mount Loran.
Stealthy Monitoring Site

There were "complaints" yesterday that we hadn't mentioned any beers we had tested. Well, sorry about that - at any rate here are two of today's top picks, our old favourite, the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, and the Norwegian Grünerløkka Geriljagress (guerilla grass, sorry, no idea what it means but it's a superb beer)

Weather was absolutely fabulous today. I'm preparing for the Oslo half-marathon the coming Saturday, so I enjoyed a 14-km jog in sunny and calm weather. Temperatures up to 10 Celsius. Photo below is from the former Loran C site (named Mount Loran by us), overlooking the Kjølnes lighthouse.

OJ and TJ will leave Monday morning, but will return in less than six weeks for more radio listening, beverage testing and good food.


Antonio Anselmi said...

hi Bjarne, thanks for these reports and the beautiful photos!
Antonio i56578 SWL

Paul Steckler said...

"Grünerløkka Geriljagres": perhaps this is a cross-language pun on "Gorilla Glass", used in the screens of many smartphones and tablets. Subtle, indeed.