Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The KiwiSDR Has Arrived

I first wrote about this Kickstarter project in March. They met their funding goal, and scheduled delivery in November (Beaglebone + KiwiSDR combo). It arrived yesterday, so for once a project with no delays.

The SDR comes with a simple enclosure (unassembled) and is basically ready to go once the antenna, ethernet cable (no wifi) and 5VDC power is attached. A bit of fiddling with my router and PC to get it going but quite simple actually.

No need to install drivers and control software. All you need to do is to open your web browser (mostly any web browser as long as it's not Internet Explorer) and there you are.

It's possible to run this as a server for external access with up to four simultaneous users.

It will be tested with antennas the coming weekend. As usual, I will also do sensitivity measurements.

KiwiSDR unassembled. Preinstalled software on memory chip. 

KiwiSDR assembled and running. No antenna connected.

KiwiSDR on Chrome browser.


Mir said...

Please let me know, if you put it online, would be interesting to test for possible purchasing and putting online.

73, Mauno

mfahey said...

I also have a just arrived KiwiSDR kit and after a quick build it's up online line from near Sydney Australia. It's all so antastic!

It has now been up for less than 24 hours but the four remote user slots are pretty well almost full, the receiver is getting heaps of use - but not be me! Thats actually how I intended it to be, make the receiver available online for others to use while I use my various other receivers for my daily use.

At the moment I am not displaying in the directory (I'm not sure why - I have done everything needed to appear there) but anyone can tune the receiver by using this URL:

Tune in and try it out!

Mark Fahey

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thanks Mark, I've checked it out and it may turn out valuable for checking stations when DX-ing Aussies here. 702 had a massive impact though.