Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Recent Verifications

(Well, not so recent... since March actually)

WGVA Geneva NY 1240
WAEB Allentown PA 790
WMAL Washington DC 630
WMLM St. Louis MI 1520
WMEL Cocoa Beach FL 1300
WDAE Tampa Bay FL 620
WRTA Altoona PA 1240
WTVL Waterville ME 1490 (tnx OJS!)
KNEU Roosevelt UT 1250

1 comment:

Aihkiniemi said...

Dear Bjarne,
Within two years you have QSLled some stations which have not answered to me. They are:
KBIZ1240; KGGS1340;KDCO1550;KFJB1230;WPGG1450;WGL1250;WMAX1440;CJRS1650;KYAL1550;WLNO1060 ( it has cancelled operations, did you find someone from old staff?) CKHJ 1260; CJWI1410 KGOW1560 and WIBX950.
Iwould be grateful for v/s information and/or e-mail addresses.
As I am QSLling somewhere between 300 and 400 yankees, there may not be lot where I can help, but I have put my recent catches to my FB-page: Lauri.DX.Niemi. You can contact me on and/or
Best regards Lauri Niemi