Saturday, March 22, 2014

DX Test: KCKM Monahans TX 1330 Heard

Bob Souza, GM and owner of KCKM did a DX test today from 05:01 to 05:31 UTC. KCKM's 12 kW, non-directional daytime facility was used. Conditions weren't very good (as is usually the case when DX tests are on the air), but 1330 had fair signal levels from WLOL and CJYM at the time so I was optimistic.

I had reason to, as I heard sweep tones at 05:05, and the signal improved over the next half hour until the test stopped at 05:35 (probably a few minutes late). Especially nice signals at 05:25 with sweep tones and morse code ID.

Monahans is located in the south-western part of Texas, not far from Mexico and New Mexico. The distance from the transmitter site to the Kongsfjord antenna site is 8044 km or 4998 miles.

Thanks to Bob Souza for doing the test, and to Paul B. Walker for preparing it!

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