Monday, December 16, 2013

WKAL Rome NY 1450 DX Test - Third Time's A Charm

I didn't bother to post "Day Two" because increased proton levels wiped out everything DX-worthy on Sunday morning. However, Bob at Mid-Atlantic Engineering decided to do a third night of testing, and this morning I noted morse code IDs from WKAL! Conditions weren't in any way exceptional (in passing I noted IDs from common stations as CJOY-ON 1460 and WMBD-IL 1470), but as any CW operator knows, tones will beat voice in 10 out of 10 instances.

Thanks to Bob Carter for staying up late and do the work. I know that the test (first night?) was heard in Scotland. I hope other European DX-ers have noted the dit-dit-dahs as well.

Regular service from WKAL will commence in early January.

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