Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Season Underway!

The 50-degrees beverage has been remarkably quiet since noon on Saturday. Today, after being alerted about DU conditions in Aihkiniemi FIN yesterday, I checked it via remote control at 1900Z. Sure enough, ABC Adelaide 891 with a nice signal! Earliest ever confirmed DU in Kongsfjord! Interestingly enough, nothing (except a Greek pirate) was audible in the X-band.


Hans said...

I visited Martti and Lauri in AIH friday 23rd to saturday morning the 24th, helping them out with some antenna measurments and maintenance. Around 19Z the MW-band was really coming alive, when we listened on the 80 degree beverage. Strong thai signals on 1404 kHz and a few more frequencies. Also presumeably an aussie signal on 954.

This summer I bought an old caravan, which I have placed permanently in Komagvær, som 30 km south from Vardø. This will be my new DX-QTH. Was out there listening on saturday evening, with just a 300 m BOG in 90 degrees. No DU, but the band was really opening nicely already around 18Z, with strong signals from China and India. Guess conditions wasn't really on the "top side", but nice to see the MW-band come alive also here. Will spend the upcoming weekend in Komagvær and lay out 3 300m BOG's in 30, 60 an 80 or 90 degrees just to see what will happen. Later in september, two Wellbrook ALA-100 loops will be erected as well.

73 de Hans / HR, Vardø

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Any noise from the power lines in Komagvær, Hans?