Friday, September 07, 2012

Season Preparations With OJ - First Day

OJ Sagdahl arrived to Vadso by plane on Thursday, and we drove the 170 km to Kongsfjord in the afternoon in rainy and windy conditions. Our goal is to get all or most of the antennas out, including the new dual parallel 340 degrees phased beverage. The 50 degrees beverage was erected last weekend and is the only one up at the moment.

Some Japanese stations were heard in the afternoon, but all of a sudden everything disappeared - the ionosphere is obviously still "shaken" after the CME and proton event a few days ago. Later in the evening we heard a few Filipinos.

Prior to and half an hour after sunrise this Friday morning, South America had decent signals on the back lobe of the 50 degrees beverage. Mostly Brazil, and a few from Argentina and Uruguay. Such as Radio Monte Carlo, Montevideo on 930.

As usual when DX-ers come together in Kongsfjord, good food is prepared and good wine is consumed. Thursday evening we put together a reindeer stew, comprised of thin reindeer shavings, red onion, red chili and mashed potatoes. A 2006 Weinert Carrascal proved to be a superb companion. We had chocolate pudding with vanilla custard for dessert, and we finished off with a glass of Disaronno. Or maybe two.

Photos will follow.

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